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The most silenced genocide in the 21st Century: 400,000 workers and peasants slaughtered by Al Assad, lackey of imperialism and protectors of the borders of Israel; 10,000,000 exploited displaced from their homes and piled in refugee camps.

Millions of people in the concetration camps in the borders. Millions of outcasts looking for shelter in a bloodied Syria. Al Assad far from being an “anti-imperialist fighter” has proved to be the biggest, cruelest and most bloodthirsty agent of imperialism in the region; and whoever hides it is deceiving the world working class. He did the dirty work of spilling blood with oppresed’s blood, on behalf of all imperialist powers. He slaughtered mercilessly the masses who rebelled fighting for their demands of bread, against the cost of living, against unemployment.

In Syria imperialism concentrated all its forces to smash the chain of revolutions that from Tunisia to Yemen, from Libya to Egypt and Palestine, broke imperialist domain all across Maghreb and Middle East.

In the concentration camps and the refugees are the working class, poor peasants and the exploited prosecuted and slaughtered by Bashar. They are the absolute majority of the tormented masses. The rich little-bourgeoisie, nor bourgeoisie nor NATO generals are not in those camps.
The genocide of workers and the poor people of Syria claims justice. There will not be forgetfulness or forgiveness for the executioners and for those who sold out this enormous revolution. The massacre against the Syrian masses will not be unpunished. This book wants to collaborate with that.

The rebellion of the slaves is not a crime, but justice.

24 de septiembre
Editorial Socialista Rudolph Klement
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