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Preview Summary: 

Celie suffers from physical, verbal, and sexual abuse from the man she believes to be her father, Alphonso. She gets pregnant and both her children are taken away from her by Alphonso. When she marries Mister, the abuse continues. Mister continually abuses her, making her meek and weak. She has little self-worth and has nobody to run to. Her only friend at this point, Nettie, her younger sister, is separated from her after Mister kicksNettie out of the house. Celie doesn’t know her whereabouts. 

Editor’s Notes: 

This gives us a picture of how most women are treated during the early quarter of the 1900s. This depicts how macho and patriarchal society is during that period. It also explains and shapes the character of the protagonist, Celie. This justifies why the novel is written in a letter form and why it is mostly addressed to God. In the beginning of the book, Alphonso warns Celie to tell no one but God. So she starts to write and confides her plight to God...

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