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Why a New Constitution? is the question that many people ask themselves without finding a concrete answer. In order to provide an answer, the authors of this book evoke the fact that societies are constantly evolving, progressing, and reinventing themselves; therefore, the rules governing the State (i.e., Constitution of the Republic) must also adapt to these changes to avoid becoming an obstacle to progress. The authors also argue that the most notorious aspects of the constitution of 1982, alone explain why a new constitution is required.

Why a New Constitution? is an educational book which presents those topics to consider when drafting a new constitution and explains the necessity for a constitutional convention.

The intention of the authors is to draft proposals, proposals that reflect the idiosyncrasies of the people and that achieve a qualitative improvement in the quality of life of each individual. The main goal of the authors is to encourage citizen involvement in creating a new constitution. Readers are encouraged to formulate their own proposals and to discuss them with others. Only with the contribution of every citizen will it be possible to enact a constitution that benefits all Hondurans.

Basically, the book is structured in two parts namely; an introductory part that briefly speaks of the Honduras’ constitutional history and the reasons why a constitutional convention should be called, and a propositive part, consisting of more than one hundred proposals. These proposals are expressed in simple language, explaining why certain new elements should be included in the constitution and why other elements should be modified and/ or removed.

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septiembre 15
Carolina Bardales
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