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The 11 plus could be described as one of THE most significant points in a child's academic life. It's the first time in their lives where they are tested and then ranked in order of academic ability.

Whilst the 11+ is an entry exam it is also very good grammar school preparation. Not necessarily for the subjects involved, but more specifically for the work ethic they'll need to show in order to do well in the test.

But with school fees increasing and a lack of supply, demand for places is higher than ever before.

This shortfall of places means that only the best will get a place in the grammar school of their choice. But this doesn't necessarily mean the most intelligent will succeed, instead it's the most prepared that win the prize.

These days even a child genius could lose out to children who have been prepared better for the test. If you want your child to pass the 11+ entrance exam and gain a place at grammar school then YOU need to be prepared too.

'11 Plus Secrets: How to Get Your Child In To Grammar School - A Step By Step Guide' is the ONLY resource you'll need.

It's a complete step by step guide through the whole journey from deciding that grammar school is right for your child to studying for and passing the 11 plus entry exam and gaining a place.

Packed with loads of great information and top tips from a panel of some of the best tutors in the country, it's written by a parent and top health and fitness writer Jago Holmes who has been through the whole journey first hand and decided to put his experiences in to one handy guide for parents.

You'll find tips and techniques to help you and your child make quick progress throughout the time you spend preparing for the 11 plus, whether you decide to employ the services of a tutor or take charge of home study yourselves.

There's no 'fluff' or 'filler' in this book, you are getting pages of quality information and a range of resources all laid out in an easy to read format which you can come back to time and time again.

You WILL experience a rocky ride, that's almost certain. But by following the advice in this book, you can sidestep the learning curve that ALL parents have to go through to get their child a place at their chosen grammar school.

Very few parents will have access to the kind of insights and knowledge contained within the pages of this book.

Inside you'll learn...

- What makes grammar schools some of THE most successful schools around and how to find out which ones are the best near you

- How to choose a grammar school and an easy way to take a peek behind the scenes to find out all you need to know about it, very few people actually do this!

- How to decide if your son or daughter has what it takes to pass the 11 plus entrance exam and flourish OR flounder in grammar school

- Which subjects appear in the entry test year in and year out and best to prepare for them

- A simple way to decide which tutor to choose to get the best results possible.

- A VITALLY IMPORTANT check you need to do on ANY tutor you work with so that you make sure that your child is given the very best chance of success and you aren't simply throwing your money away.

- How to self tutor your own child and some essential things you'll need to know in order to do the best job possible.

- One possible solution if money is tight or you can't get to a tutor near you... you've probably never even considered this one!

- How to create a study plan that GET'S results.

- 3 very clever 'work like magic' techniques you can use to motivate your child to study.

- A simple strategy to help your child cope with the stress and upset of exam day far better than other children who haven't done this.

- How to approach the last week before the test so he/she feels bright, positive and ready to tackle the test... instead of drained, tired and anxious about it.

- Some golden nuggets of tips and techniques from our panel of expert tutors to help your child.

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9 July
Jago Holmes

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