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A collection of new and original steampunk short stories.

Tommy's Game by LM Cooke

A young man is drawn into an unusual - and lethal - game of chance.

Celestine by Steven C Davis

A sophisticated automaton awakes in a confused state in a laboratory; how did she arrive there and what is her purpose?

Spinners by Ian Caldwell

A strange group of friends and their broken-down automaton attempt to escape a life of drudgery at the bottom of a city that has seen better days.

The Sad Clockwork Boy by Jon Hartless

Gabrielle is trapped and lonely in a loveless marriage—but finds companionship and more with a new addition to her household.

The Incredible Airship Circus by SJ Menary

When an old friend turns up at the Airship Circus, beaten and dying, Pierre, a young tinkerer, is led into investigating a dark and dangerous secret.

Flugmaschine (or How Germany Conquered the Skies) by Danielle Miller

A young woman fascinated by engineering and the sciences is forced by her father to become a governess and must find another way to fulfil her dreams.

A Day at the Scrapyard by SG Mulholland

A disreputable group of scrap men have to deactivate a powerful military automaton and can only hope that they survive the job unscathed.

Dayne by Angela Tysver

An inventor's greatest creation now has plans to remake the world but what can he do to stop it?

Looking for a New England by CS Wright

Two travellers between worlds crash land in a dirty and unpleasant version of 19th

 century London and must work with a bumbling inventor if they have any chance to return to their own universe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
30 June
Cogsmith Publishing