Artists Masterpieces with Quotes

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Publisher Description

Great Quotes from the Masters of Art and Design.

Artists Masterpieces With Quotes is ideal for inspiration, art and design making ideas, and developing self-expression and creativity.

• Beautiful art by masters with enlightening quotes about their artwork. 
• Informing, enjoyable and useful collection of edifying artworks and quotes.
• Grasp an understanding of creativity and art making from the masters
• Envision a master artist speaking to you through enlightening quotes 

Masterworks With Quotes is divided into sections on components of creativity, essential art expression techniques, approaches to self-expression, strategies for creativity, and fundamentals of art thinking. Encounter masterpieces and quotes by over fifty acclaimed artists – including Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, and others that serve to illustrate points and encourage readers to be creative. 

In this book you will

• Gain an understanding of creativity and art making from the masters
• Better internalize, understand, and describe works of art as an artist 
• Envision a master artist speaking to you through enlightening quotes 
• Hear the constant struggle master artists have with solving artmaking problems, contending with images they can’t attain, and evaluating their work
• Delight in the brilliant and earthy self-talk that artists speak.
• Receive powerful inspiration to become more creative and productive 
• Be sparked to initiate, pursue, and finish works of art and self-expression
• Acquire an indispensable and readily available source of ideas and images to drive your art and design work forward

About The Author

Michael DeSiano has a 30-year track record of making art, teaching art, and writing on art and art education. He began artmaking as a youth, winning awards, and pursuing an education in art. In a digression he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After engineering he changed course and studied at The School for American Craftsman (R.I.T}. Following a desire for greater self-expression, he earned an M.A. degree, and PhD in Creative Arts from New York University.

Michael has exhibited widely in one-person and group exhibitions. His artwork is represented by He has over 30 years art teaching experience from children through graduate school. His teaching includes 2D-Design, 3D-Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Crafts, and Art History. He realized that creativity and art thinking guidance are essential to artmaking. However, none of books on visual creativity and thinking are research based and consequently provide mostly arbitrarily organized collections of commonly accepted wisdoms. Many of the exercises in these books are excellent. But these creativity books do not provide the content and structure needed for moving forward on your own after completing the exercises. DeSiano pursued a three-prong authentic approach to visual creativity and thinking. 

1) Using cognitive science research for organization. 

2) Selecting master artist’s quotes to give a reality base to the organization. 3) Testing and refining his creativity teaching model. 

This pursuit led to decades of teaching courses, such as courses in The Creative Process, and Visual Thinking in graduate school. The results of this life-long pursuit are available in ACT - Art Creativity & Thinking


For your next creative leap forward  ACT: ART CREATIVITY & THINKING (iBook Series)

A jolt for artists, designers, art teachers, art students and anyone interested in art and design making. The master quotes and art are presented with relevant, original, and realizable exercises, illustrated with the work of learners. ACT is an indispensable guide and resource for your personal development and overcoming creative block. The ART Creativity Thinking is a series of concise eBooks. ACT clearly presents approaches and exercises to refresh and initiate your art and self-expression. ACT is based on a synthesis of art, psychology of creativity, best-practices of the masters, and over thirty years of guiding self-expression, creative development, and artmaking.

ACT: ART CREATIVITY THINKING is available on Apple Books.

ACT - Art Creative Thinking Titles

Basic level

1. Elements and Principles of Art and Design

2. Sketching Materials and Techniques

3. Oil Pastels

4. Water Marker Techniques and Color

5. Colored Pencil Sketching: Technique and Color

6. Watercolor Sketching: Techniques and Color

Intermediate level

7. Mental Activity and Emotions

8. Creative Brain and Creative Behavior

9. Roots of Creativity

10. Motivation: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

11. Approaches to Creating Images

12. Senses and Creativity

13. Association Approaches

Advanced level

14. Art and Visual Thinking

15. Critical Thinking in Art and Design

16. Creativity and Problem Solving

17. Image and Art Making Tactics

18. Image and Art Making Processes

19. Image and Art Making Practices

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10 May
Michael DeSiano

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