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Publisher Description

A compelling family saga beginning in the 19th century brewing industry, Birthrights: A Dangerous Brew follows three generations through their relentless desire for success. As the family rises to wealth and power in America, they are forever threatened by the dishonor of scandal and heartbreak. Set in an era when great breweries were born, Adam Koenig’s dream is to own his own. His first job is to drive a delivery wagon carrying barrels of fresh beer to Milwaukee’s neighborhood taverns. His ambitious marriage to the wealthy widow of a brewer paves the way for his fight to the top. The dynasty Adam founds results in great fortune and success, but also calamity and sorrow for Adam, his children and grandchildren. Adam’s fiery desire for his first love, the beautiful Kate Englund, transcends all loyalties and ambitions. Even the devotion of his wife Trude and their children cannot tame his desire for Kate. The animosity of Wolf Schander, Kate’s husband and Adam’s avowed competitor, causes endless struggle and retribution. Birthrights: A Dangerous Brew tells the story of turbulent passions, the tangled impulses of revenge, and the ultimate triumph of love. The tale moves from humble beginnings of immigrants on Milwaukee’s Galena hill to the Gay Nineties in Chicago, from Franz Josef’s glittering court in Vienna to the bloody trenches of World War I and a German-American family in a city of divided passions, to Paris after the Armistice. Back in Wisconsin, Prohibition threatens the very foundation of the family’s power as premier brewers face the viral tempers that lead the drys. Set in an era when vast fortunes were won and lost, BirthRights: A Dangerous Brew captures the hearts and dreams of a family destined for greatness.

February 2
Victoria Hinshaw