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Brave, a Memoir of Overcoming Shyness the first major memoir about shyness, takes the reader on a complete journey, from early life and overwhelming, inexplicable shyness to later years of gradual comprehension, social adaptation,

and eventual understanding and peace of mind.

ForeWord Clarion Review:

…The author succeeds in writing about a deeply personal and often-ignored subject in an era when confident public presence is more the norm. People who seek to understand their own issues with shyness, as well as those who live with or counsel shy people and teachers, will all benefit from reading this book.

Listen to Helen Rivas-Rose on Maine Things Considered at Maine Public Broadcasting Network Conquering Crippling Shyness: A Maine Woman’s Tale with Keith Shortall.

Rivas-Rose tells an inspiring tale of a child who was inhibited by overwhelming shyness to an adult who finally overcame what some people describe as a mental disorder and others call a personality quirk. Her story puts to rest the idea that—to overcome shyness— one need only spend more time with people.

Bob Etier of Technorati

Brave is well written, thoughtful, and important … Shy people will benefit from reading this memoir.

Lynne Henderson, PhD, co-director with Philip Zimbardo, PhD, The Shyness Institute, Ca.

Married and divorced twice and the mother of two sons, Rivas-Rose worked nine years writing this book and, is today, sharing her heart-wrenching rise to freedom from the grip of shyness with others as she gives talks and is invited to speak at various groups. I had to learn to write, to create this book, she comments. A long list of writing conferences and interfaces with editors is sprinkled through her resume. BRAVE, A Memoir of Overcoming Shyness is self-published by Rivas-Rose under the name of Periwinkle Publishing, itself a feat of determination and wanting to share with others the pains of shyness.

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