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This important report compilation contains the testimony of eleven noted experts on current and planned Chinese space activities at a Senate hearing in April 2019. Every aspect of the Chinese space program is covered in this thorough report, providing unique insights into Beijing's ambitious agenda for exploration and exploitation of space, and projection of military power into Earth orbit for international leadership.

Contents: 1. Chairman Bartholomew (Hearing Co-Chair) * 2. Commissioner McDevitt (Hearing Co-Chair) * 3. Strategic Perspective Introduction by Chairman Bartholomew * 4. General James Cartwright, USMC (Ret.) Inaugural Chairholder, Harold Brown Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies * 5. Strategic Perspective Question and Answer * 6. Administration Perspective Introduction by Commissioner McDevitt * 7. William Roper, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics * 8. Panel I: China's Pursuit of Global Space Leadership * Chairman Bartholomew (Hearing Co-Chair) * 9. Todd Harrison, Director, Aerospace Security Project and Defense Budget Analysis, Center for Strategic and International Studies * 10. Brian Weeden, Ph.D., Director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation * 11. Namrata Goswami, Ph.D., Senior Independent Analyst * 12. Panel II Introduction by Commissioner McDevitt (Hearing Co-Chair) * 13. Lorand Laskai, Visiting Researcher, Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology * 14. Michael Gold, J.D., Vice-President, Regulatory and Policy, Maxar Technologies * 15. Kevin J. Wolf, J.D., Partner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld * 16. Panel III: China's Military Space Activities * Chairman Bartholomew (Hearing Co-Chair) * 17. Kevin Pollpeter, Senior Research Scientist, CNA * 18. Mark Stokes, Executive Director, Project 2049 Institute * 19. Jonathan Ray, Research Director, Special Programs Division, SOS International LLC * ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS SUBMITTED FOR THE RECORD * Statement of General James Cartwright, USMC (Ret.) Inaugural Chairholder, Harold Brown Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies. * Statement of Namrata Goswami, Ph.D. Senior Independent Analyst

Excerpts: Our hearing today will examine China's ambition to become an international leader in space, what the central government's most recent white paper on space, released by the State Council in 2016, terms a "space power in all respects." Beijing aspires to lead international space-related innovation and exploration. In a recent example of China's desire and ability to realize its goals in space, this January China's Lunar Exploration Program successfully landed a robotic probe on the moon's far side—a technological feat never before achieved by any country. China has also nearly completed its own position, navigation, and timing satellite network, known as Beidou, which will serve to increase China's influence in countries participating in its Belt and Road Initiative and decrease China's dependence on the U.S.-maintained Global Positioning System. These developments, along with ambitious plans for future milestones—such as a long-term space station, a research station on the lunar surface, and reusable spacecraft—show that China is serious about becoming a space power and is willing to commit the political will and funds necessary to achieve this goal. It is our honor to welcome two distinguished public servants, General Cartwright and Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Dr. Roper. We look forward to hearing them discuss the strategic perspective on competition with China in space as well as steps the Department of Defense is currently taking to prepare for an era of heightened competition in space. Their perspectives will contribute to the discussion about what China's intentions as a space power might be and how the United States must prepare to respond.

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