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In 1896, Leo Hayes was born into two large Mormon pioneer families who settled in the Snake River basin of southeastern Idaho. They doted on his blond hair and bright blue eyes. By 1910 he graduated eighth grade. His father couldn’t afford to send him to a boarding school to further his education, so he worked on the sugar beet farm and cattle ranch his father managed. One day his father hired a 22 year old cowboy named Sean McKay to ride the fences and check brands until the fall roundup. Leo worked with the cowboy. They became friends. Sean taught Leo the cowboy arts and how to play the guitar. They fell in love. Sean taught Leo the arts of love. In the fall, Sean hired Leo to accompany him on the fall roundup and cattle drive for a huge neighboring cattle ranch. For the next four years they drove cattle and relished the rugged life of travel and adventure as cowboy sidekicks. But during those short years, they saw less and less cattle drives being organized. Farmers homesteaded the open lands and protected their fields with barbed wire fences, blocking the trails. Railroads proliferated during this time, making long drives to big rail heads back east unnecessary. The romantic age of the American cowboy drew to a close. In 1914 the young lovers returned to Idaho. They used their savings and bought a small stud ranch close to Leo’s family. They wanted to breed and raise prime cattle and fine horses, thus keeping their hands in their chosen cowboy trades. They lived in the old barn’s tack room while they began their stud ranch operation. They needed a house so they ordered a mail order bungalow from Sears Roebuck & Company to be delivered by rail. They were house raising when Leo’s life took a sharp turn in a totally unexpected direction.Sean took sick with typhoid fever. Not wanting to leave Leo alone should the worst happen, Sean secretly handfasted their neighbor friend, Muriel Anne. Sean wanted to leave Leo a gift of love, so Sean and Muriel Anne secretly conspired to make a baby while she nursed him. After a lingering illness, Sean died. Devastated, Leo sank into depression. After Muriel Anne knew she was pregnant, she gave Leo a letter where Sean explained he wanted Leo to marry Muriel Anne and raise Sean’s child to remember him by. Reluctantly, Leo agreed to marry Muriel Anne. Muriel Anne’s mother invited the handsome new pastor of Pocatello’s Episcopal Trinity Church to conduct the ceremony. The pastor stayed with Leo in the new Sears bungalow. They immediately felt attracted to each other. The randy pastor demonstrated his English public school ways of athletic sex for sport and recreation. After the wedding, Leo consummated the marriage with Muriel Anne, only to discover sex with a woman did not feel natural to him. He needed a man for love and romance. A woman just would not do.

Fiction & Literature
August 19
Earle Jay Goodman

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