Enough Overthinking

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Discover the 11 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Overthinking Is Holding You Back from Achieving Happiness and Success!

Do you regularly obsess over the thoughts in your head?

Do you find yourself not being able to fall asleep because of your mind running wild?

Does your overthinking hold you back from doing your day-to-day activities?

If so, you're not alone.

Overthinking is a common problem that can have negative consequences on your health, happiness, and joy. Most people don't even realize that they're overthinking until they're already in a bad place!

Enough Overthinking is a guidebook that recognizes your predicament, the stressful circumstances you've instigated, and how you lose your mind in the snare of stress and anxiety.

Acclaimed author, Robert J. Charles, has developed a greater awareness of how overthinking can affect your everyday life. He has articulated these effects in his book, ENOUGH OVERTHINKING: Discover 11 Insane Ways How Overthinking Can Affect Your Overall Health, Destroy Your Happiness, And Steal Your Joy.

In Enough Overthinking, you will discover:

◆What overthinking is and the three forms that come from it.

◆The Physical Effects and how they…

Affect Your Digestive System

Ruin Skin

Suppress the Immune System

◆The Mental Effects and how they…

Negatively Affect the Brain

Increase Fear of Judgement

Kill Your Sleep

Make You Slow at Work

Drop Energy Levels

◆The Social Effects and how they…

Lead to Loss of Time

Kill the Joy of Life

Each section has Key Takeaways and Calls to Action that will open your mind to the concept of overthinking.

You will even receive 30 BIBLICAL PROMISES TO OVERCOME ANY CHALLENGE, which are instrumental in solving your daily dilemmas.

OVERTHINKING can kill your healthy life if you don't take action and make a change. This book has 11 detailed ways to give you an inside look at how overthinking negatively affects your health.

The psychology of our thoughts can take the joy from our life or it can improve it! This book teaches us to reprogram our thoughts and understand their true power when we feel overstressed, anxious, or depressed.

Stop obsessing over what you did yesterday and start living in the now. Stop living for the future and start breathing in the joy of the present. Stop overthinking and start making significant adjustments today to make the most of your future.

Health & Well-Being
27 February
Robert J Charles

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