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Independence is not always a great thing. Especially not when customers don’t pay their bills, job fails and the accountants fill the bags. That had Nicole and I pay dearly. After the bankruptcy was the insolvency proceedings. Neither Nicole nor I got a good job on the fast. Consequently, we sold, even my beloved Audi A4. Nicole got a low-paying job as a typist in a small company, I am still looking for a job. Our 120 m² apartment is not to be financed by the low income. Therefore, we are now sitting in the old VW Golf ,Nicole’s father gave us, and continue to visiting an apartment.

"The area here. Look at these gray clouds, even worse than usual," says Nicole, and not considered just a good mood for the area. Mostly old houses, a few shops, at the end of the road we see the first prefabricated buildings from the 60ths. The area is known for the high proportion of foreigners and unemployment. "I can also imagine more beautiful, but we have hardly any money and when I find a new job, is unknown. It's just temporarily" I say and park the car on the hard shoulder. We get out. It is an unpleasant autumn, at any moment it can start to rain. Nicole closes her down jacket and going on to the plate. It is the first of three houses in a row. Eight apartments are in a house. The grounds seemed neglected, the bushes are beer bottles and other waste. At the grass verge in front of the house a small sandpit is applied to the 2 benches are. Instead of playing children, young teens are there, all between 16- 20 years. Turkishish teens, I suspect. I count four boys and two girls. The girls look even quite pretty, but are dressed sloppily. "Why they like those types," says Nicole softly to me and I shake their heads in disbelief. We are both determined not xenophobic, but such macho Turkishish men we dislike both. One of the villain goes to the house before we stand. He is something as big as me, quite thin, lanky. His hair is slicked back, on his upper lip of thin fluff. His leather jacket is open, including he wears a sleeveless shirt and a gold chain. He is about 18 or 19. * He fulfilled the cliché to 100% * I think to myself. Nicole ignored him, but it strikes me as he eyes how greedy he looks at her tight ass is faced with a tight jeans

Fiction & Literature
December 15
Cheng Liu