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The dragons wait no more. Only the true king of magic users could possibly stop the destruction.

The dragon attacks mean humans are out of time. But Haylwen's brother needs one more vote to ratify him as king, and it seems only she knows the extent of what's at stake. Haylwen makes the tough choice and risks her home to travel to get the vote of the Queen of the Hidden. In a race against time, she leaves her brother alone to defend their home and the world against fireballs and deceit.

She will have to be strong and determined to survive the trip and make it back in time. Having Rivenwake as a travel companion doesn’t make focusing any easier—despite his being impossible to read, her world spins every time she looks at him. Luckily, she doesn’t have time to think about it.

To secure the vote, Haylwen will need to be brave, tough, and trust her friends. But when dragons are around, trust may be a mistake, and brave and tough are just not enough.

Four Other Ayes is the 4th installment in a five book YA fantasy saga full of hidden plot twists and turns. The centuries-old prophesy of the One is being fulfilled, and the ancient dragon clans are coming out of hiding to remake the world. The king of the magic users will stop at nothing to be sure the prophecy is fulfilled the right way--with his oppressive government ruling. As they struggle for power, Haylwen (14) and her brother Cadarn (16) just happen to be caught dead center.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
14 February
C. H. MacLean

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