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No more embarrassing moments when you try to explain yourself in German!

Traveling to a new country can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know a word in the local language. Even if you are only a 'regular' tourist, it makes a world of difference if you know just a few words or simple phrases when you start communicating with locals in their own language. Not only will you be treated with more respect and openness, but apart from that, knowing the right phrases opens up a whole new dimension of experiences. Most Germans though, speak some English, however they would definitely appreciate it if you knew some of the most important phrases.

We have collected the most helpful and realistic German phrases, terms and sentences for all possible scenarios and situations in which you may find yourself. We not only wanted our selection of phrases to be practical, but also helpful as an additional learning tool that you can use every day to point at if you struggle to make yourself understood when speaking.

This phrasebook is not only geared towards travelers. If you are a student in Germany, an expat or if you are there for professional reasons, you will find helpful terms and phrases for those circumstances as well.

At the end, we have even included a section that will be helpful for kids or for their parents to facilitate their travel experience and provide useful words and sentences that will be very easy to learn.

Table of Contents
Pronunciation: The Alphabet - Consonants and Vowels
Pronouncing “Umlaute” and Vowels
Pronouncing Diphthongs and Cognates
Chapter 2 - Greetings and Chapter 1 - Pronunciation
Formal and Informal Introductions
Polite Expressions
Phrases for Greeting Friends & Family
German Words - Spelling and Pronunciation
Chapter 3 - Help and Health Issues
Asking Directions
Medical Issues and Emergencies
Crime and Help Phrases
General Repairs
Chapter 4 - Accommodations, Restaurants and Shopping
Restaurants and Eating Out
Foods and Restaurants
Shopping and Renting
Chapter 5 - Travel, Cars and Transportation
Phrases for Travelers
Airport and Flights
Taxi and Hiring a Car
Driving and Parking
Renting a Car and Car Trouble
Transportation Phrases
Chapter 6 - In the House, Friends and Guests
Guests and Invitations
Household Chores
Chapter 7 - Business, Renting and Real Estate
Business and Negotiations
Banking Phrases and Terms
Insurance -‐ Phrases and Terms
Real Estate – Phrases and Terms
Legal Terms and Situations
Chapter 8 - Education, At Work and Sports
Education and University
At Work
Chapter 9 - Small Talk and Entertainment
Talk About Yourself
Trivial Conversation Phrases for Travelers
Entertainment and Recreation
Chapter 10 - Holidays, Seasons, Christmas and Signs
Seasons and Festivals
Public Holidays and Terms for Vacations
Christmas Phrases
Church and Religion
Signs and Notices
Chapter 11 - Social Media, Computer and Hobbies
Social Media, IT and Computer
Arts & Hobbies
Chapter 12 - Words and Phrases for Kids Made Easy 

13 July

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