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Feeling dissatisfied, perplexed, or uneasy is not uncommon. However, these feelings can grow at times into negative states of anxiety, depression and anger. 'Heart, Head and Hands' explores the notion that the way we react to negative moods affects their power over us. The idea is developed that energy when given to these emotions can cause harm, both to oneself and to others around. The book represents the author's own attempt, as a cognitive-behavioural therapist and a student of spiritual theory to throw some light on the development of emotional life. How one can consider ordinary personal issues in the context of a spiritual dimension. It is about what deeper ideas might give a more positive perspective.The author draws on the spiritual philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg, as well as on current ideas in therapy and psychology. This material not only throws thought-provoking light on personal problems but also offers a conceptual framework that lends itself to practical self-help for healing negative feelings. It is about what ideas we can consider that might give us a more positive perspective on life, and what things we can do to help us cope better with our lives and relationships. It is hoped that this book will suit those who are interested in finding new ways of seeing life or who want to think about the choices that are open to them.In exploring how knowledge about the deeper side of life can lead to restoration of personal vitality, the author offers a very practical approach to daily difficulties. This comes from a focus on the whole person -- how one feels, thinks and behaves -- the heart, head and hands of daily living. The framework of ideas on offer enables the reader to make use of the material in a straightforward down-to-earth way in coping better with his or her life and relationships.Sometimes just describing a problematic situation or a self-defeating way of thinking or behaving can lead to seeing a possible solution. More often however, whenever we spiral down in unhealthy thoughts, desires and actions, these all reinforce each other. Breaking the pattern requires much reflection and resolve. Nevertheless, it is possible to change negative habits of thought that adversely affect us. Once we bring such attitudes out into the open, we can examine them in the light of day and challenge them if unrealistic, and look to making some real changes in our attitudes and behaviour in relationships.

Health & Well-Being
October 11
Stephen Russell-Lacy