Linux for Beginners: Linux Command Line, Linux Programming and Linux Operating System

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Publisher Description

A 100% practical approach to quickly acquire the basics of Linux administration,ideal for beginners wishing to be quickly operational in Linux administration, this survival guide is the essential companion to never feel lost in a Linux world. This book is intended for students, academics and engineers and more generally to anyone wishing to acquire a good knowledge of Linux system. The main controls and lines of code used every day to carry out the simplest to the most complex tasks are addressed. If you are just getting started with Linux and looking to polish and improve your skills, this book will provide you with everything you need. It is a completed work enough for a self-study and a sum of organized notes which won’t make you an undisputed master of GNU / Linux, but will guide you through your first steps in Linux so you know how to install, add new software, and use it daily. In addition, this training provides a good introduction to a more advanced understanding of the operating system and will give you the keys to go further.

Our goal is to eradicate the fear that people tend to have as soon as they hear about the Linux operating system because it guarantees a certain level of fluidity once compared to Windows for example.

Distinguish yourself from others with an OS other than Windows on your laptop and not just any Other OS but Linux!

By reading Linux for Beginners, you will discover:

•              Linux installation

•              Reading and Navigation Commands

•              Manipulation and Searching Commands

•              Shell expansion

•              Commands and arguments

•              Control operators

•              Shell variables

•              Shell embedding and options

•              File globbing

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2 February
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