Lordsof Fashion

The stories behind Prada, Armani, Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana

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Publisher Description

Four great stylists, four different stories. Legend has it that Armani and his partner sold their Volkswagen beetle to open their first office on Corso Venezia, staffed with only a secretary and a telephone. 

“We posted out a metal plate at the entrance of our building,” laugh Domenico Dolce an d Stefano Gabbana. "That's how we started. We don’t even know if anybody ever read it. Our startup capital was two million liras, about one thousand euro today. Anyhow we didn’t start out to make money. We were dreaming more about writing our names into the big book of fashion.” 

“I brought together a mix of industrial nylon and the finest crocodile skin, then added some great craftwork,” explained Miuccia Prada. “That was my tiny, luxury backpack. I challenged good taste.”

"When the first foreign clients came to our showroom we started out zealously, always talking about ‘the dress,’ ‘the dress’… says Domenico Dolce, and then we went on in Italian, gesticulating and laughing. When it came to prices it was like we were playing a kid’s game: uno-due… Then we’d show people with our fingers. Then we started scribbling: ‘due-cento-cinquanta dol-lars’ on a piece of paper. It was like a skit from an Italian period movie."

Our heroes had to bend some rules, rewrite some others, at times reinvent the whole game. Lords of Fashion invites you on a journey at their side across runways and drawing rooms. Enjoy the story of a talented generation’s rise to fame and success.

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    24 December
    Tibor Michaels