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A gay time travel adventure that doesn't hold anything back.

It's 2899. After the destruction of Earth, the remnants of humanity struggle to survive on Mars. People still mate to reproduce the species, but the concept of pleasure has been lost. To the Martians, it's a forgotten luxury.


The galactic overlord who destroyed Earth is returning. And he expects tribute. Specifically, a highly trained gay harem including the hottest men alive. If he's displeased by clumsy or untrained tributes, he'll finish the job of exterminating the human race.

But how can men who've forgotten pleasure provide pleasure to anyone else? There's only one answer. Travel back into the past to recruit a famous authority to teach them all his secrets.

It's 2019. Clark is an underemployed film journalist. On a whim, he invents a fake degree and writes a book about how to convert straight men into hard-partying gays. The book is total satire. Anybody in the twenty-first century has to know that.

Trouble is, the men who use a time machine to scoop Clark into 2899 have never heard of satire. They need an honest-to-God expert on gay sensuality, and they think Clark is their man.

Now he's got to save the human race or admit he's a total fake. Awkward.

This steamy 33,000-word (134-page) short novel includes encounters between consenting polyamorous adult males. This book is not a traditional gay romance with a traditional romance ending. Everybody's having fun saving the world in this story, and this hero really gets around as he moves between Earth and Mars, and between the twenty-first and the twenty-ninth century. Intended for open-minded readers over eighteen with a sense of fun.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 19
Indie Ink

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