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What does healthy mean to you?

“I don’t believe in diets either which is why Jason Camera’s book title ‘Mastering Weight-Loss, the No Diet, M2 Solution’, quickly caught my attention. As a personal trainer and health advocate, getting to the root of the issue instead of clanging around heavy weights will most definitely help you reach your goals much more efficiently and sustainably.

I believe dropping inches and losing weight is a by-product of living a healthy lifestyle This comes from the mind, your environment, emotions and nutrition; everything Jason covers in 'Mastering Weight-Loss', will take you exactly where you want to be.” Drew Taddia - Radio show host of Exploring Mind and Body

Are you the kind of person that struggles with weight-loss programs, nutrition, exercise and/or finding balance in life?

If so, within the pages of this book you can look forward to learning how to shift your focus to what is really important - you.

Discover how to:
•Lose weight naturally.
•Address and conquer negative attitudes and non-supportive behaviors with tools such as self-hypnosis and value-based self-imaging exercises.
•Find balance and re-connect with yourself again with an understanding of ego and your energy systems.
•Design your own fitness plans, understand everything you will ever need to know about nutrition, and use specific strategies to change your negative eating habits.

If you are ready to change your life - then this book is for you.

With the purchase price of this course you will also receive 2 free, “Rapid Change" life coaching sessions and a 20% discount on your first month of my online personal fitness training platform "Trainerize".

Health & Well-Being
April 14
Jason Cameron

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