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The guide to Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void most of all contains a very detailed walkthrough for the game. You will learn from it how to easily complete each mission and complete side objectives. The "Achievements" chapter contains advices related to obtaining all achievements in specific missions. The guide was created based on the premiere edition of the game completed on normal difficulty level. It was created mostly for players who have basic knowledge of real time strategy games, but veterans should be satisfied with it as well. In achievement chapters, the challenges that require you to previously complete the campaign are listed at the end.
The guide to Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void contains:
General advices for players of different skills;
Advices related to building the base and waging combat;
Description of basic rules of the campaign including upgrades for units and the Spear of Adun;
Walkthrough for all campaign missions that includes side objectives and achievements;
Walkthrough for cooperative mode missions.
In the chapter focusing on the achievements, the ones that require you to previously complete the game are always listed at the end. The game allows you to select units used during campaign missions. To make the guide more clear, only one name will be used, the default one (first of three versions of a specific unit). For example, if the zealot name will appear in the text, it can be related both to the zealot unit, and its other versions - centurion and sentinel. If completing a mission or obtaining an achievement will require you to create a specific version of the unit, like for example the mothership, it will be marked in the guide or the description will inform you about it. In other situations, you will either have a freedom to choose, or the game will force you to use unit types that are selected for you automatically.

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