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How this Book can Help You

This book is aimed at students, electricians, technicians and engineers who want to learn PLC programming from scratch. It covers the fundamental knowledge they need to start writing their very first ladder logic program on RSLogix 500. It also covers some advanced knowledge of PLCs they need to become experts in programming PLCs.

After reading this book, you should have a clear understanding of the structure of ladder logic programming and be able to apply it to real world industrial applications.

The best way to master PLC programming is to use real world situations to practice. The real-world scenarios and industrial applications taught in this book will help you to learn better and faster many of the functions and features of the RSLogix 500 using programmable logic controllers.

The methods presented in this book are those that are usually employed in the real world of industrial automation, and they may be all that you will ever need to learn. The information in this book is very valuable, not only to those who are just starting out, but also to anybody looking for a way to improve their skills in PLC programming.

Merely having a PLC user manual or referring to its help contents is far from sufficient in becoming a skillful PLC programmer. Therefore this book is extremely useful for building PLC programming skills. First, it will give you a big head start if you have never programmed a PLC before. Then it will teach you more advanced techniques you need to learn, design and build anything from simple to complex programs on the RSLogix 500 platform.

One of the questions I get quite often is, where can I get a free download of RSLogix 500 to practice? I provide in this book links to a free version of RSLogix 500 and a free version of RSLogix Emulate 500 for simulating real PLCs. So you don’t even need to buy a PLC to learn, run and test your ladder logic programs.

I do not only show you how to get these important Rockwell Automation software for free and without hassle, I also show with crystal-clear screenshots how to install, configure, navigate and use them to write ladder logic programs.


Professional & Technical
December 22
A. B. Lawal

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