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Puns turned jokes in this hilarious collection of clean jokes (mostly) the whole family can enjoy (except for the last chapter, that's for adults).

My favorites:

What singer looks like an elf and likes eating pretzels?

A: Elvish Pretzelly

Why did the pair of roosters refuse to cross the road?

A: They were two chicken.

How did the monk burn the nun in the kitchen?

A: He burned her with the friar.

Why did the sailor propose to the monkey's knot?

A: Because it was knot, a frayed tool of the sailor.

Check out my book for over 150 hilarious pun-filled jokes to keep you entertained for hours plus the contest.

The Contest

Join P!apoose at Facebook.com/writepapoose to enter for your chance to win a rare, publicly unavailable P!apoose sweatshirt with the logo on the back and signed by P!apoose. (A patreon.com/papoose account is in the works.) These sweatshirts are listed on P!apoose's blogsite at $250,000 each, so the only way to get one is to win it by solving the monthly puzzle.

The joke above about the sailor and the monkey's knot is an example of the type of puzzles, riddles, or mind bending quests that need to be solved in order to win a sweatshirt. Answers are always complete double entendres (homonymous phrases) and there is only one correct answer (as predetermined by P!apoose).

Check back every day on the Facebook account to see people's guesses. If anyone gets it right, P!apoose will declare them a winner and order a top-of-the-line sweatshirt be printed with the logo on the back.

Check back on the book monthly to see the next riddle or puzzle offered up to the public and also to see what the answer was to the previous month.
(Front logo sweatshirts are sold to benefit charities.)

Buy the book now and experience a living, breathing, growing book that only gets better as time progresses.


December 29
Papoose Doorbelle

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