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Sometimes you just need a break...

Ragnar needs some time away: no security, no women, just the quiet of space.
Holing up here seems like the best thing to do while he tries to figure out what to do.

Pretending to be a prince hasn't gotten him any closer to what he needs.

Then he sees her, like a dream out of some old dragon story. And he must have her. He must possess her before the mating fever overtakes him.

Sometimes you can't catch a break...

Priya's desperate.
She's got her wits and her spaceship, but how much good will that do her when her father can't stay out debt? Now the F*^% warlords have kidnapped her family, and it's only a matter of time before they collect what's due them.

Priya needs a paycheck. Fast.
When she finds he prince alone, she thinks it's her lucky day.
Turns out- he's just some lying fraud. And her last chance to save her family is gone. Poof.

But sometimes the enemy of your enemy…

Then Ragnar starts talking. As though he has some plan that might save her family.
He doesn't even want his freedom. That's the most unbelievable thing.

He said he wants her. ...Something about 'mates' and 'fever' and needing her to be his bride.
The guy is hot. Sizzling.
No wonder he's been through so many women, yet they keep on coming.
Priya can't trust him, can she? But the heat between them is setting her on fire.

Can she really trust -- let alone tame -- a dragon lord?

Standalone Story! Happily Ever After! No Cheating!

22 October
Menura Press

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