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From the Dean of American Erotica, C.K. Ralston:
It is 2012, right at the end of the big economic downturn. The Norgaard family have been forced by the financial crises to relocate abruptly to the west coast from Minnesota. Inga, the stunningly beautiful eighteen-year old daughter of the family finds herself suddenly immersed in the bewildering world of Beverly Hills High School’s social life; cliques, roaming the halls amid the sons and daughters of millionaires, movie stars, societal elites, rock stars’ kids, and other strange, exotic, privileged-from-birth types.

Just when her loneliness and despair at being an “outsider” are about to overwhelm her, Inga abruptly finds herself befriended by Cynthia Cyn Soames, daughter of the world-famous Garret Soames, legendary British movie star, now a semi-retired icon of an earlier, glitzier Hollywood era. Cyn is the leader of a small cadre of the most elite, coolest girls on campus, the queen bees of Beverly Hills High, known derisively as Cy Soames P***y Posse by envious non-members.
Through her new friends contacts, Inga comes to the attention of Amos Stallings, a fabled producer/director, who is looking desperately for someone gorgeous enough to play a key role in his newest movie. Passing the casting couch interview process of the lecherous Stallings and his bisexual wife with flying colors Inga rapidly finds herself thrust into the Hollywood media limelight, and a world of Fame, Adoration and the ubiquitous paparazzi.

Along the way, she learns all about sex, drugs, and excess as a way of life from her new friends, who prove to be excellent teachers, having grown up surrounded by wealth and power. It proves to be a wild ride, but Inga surprises herself by proving to be more than up to it. Share her incredible adventure in Book One of this hard-hitting trilogy describing life in the very fast lane!

Fiction & Literature
April 23
C.K. Ralston

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