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Melanie and Brandon are America's Sweethearts. Both are wickedly attractive, ridiculously successful musicians. But, what America doesn't know is how the couple struggles behind closed doors.
Melanie came to fame much later than her lover, and she can't handle the daily hurt of nasty tabloids and paparazzi. Every new and vicious rumour tests her faith in her boyfriend, while he feels she should trust him without question.
Trying to salvage her damaged relationship is hard enough, but when Melanie receives an unexpected visit from an unwelcome friend, she discovers what struggle really is.
Melanie has a choice. She can fight for the man and the life she struggled to obtain. Or, she can fall into the arms of the man she ran from years ago...a man she never should have wanted in the first place.

Please be aware that while this book is a romance, it is intended for adult audiences only. It does contain some graphic erotic scenes. If you are offended by those, please do not purchase this book.

***Please continue reading for a taste of Tension***
I felt something cold drip on my overheated belly, and I opened my eyes with a start. I pulled my hat away from my face, and found myself staring up into twinkling, sea green eyes.
“Penny for your thoughts?” he asked, with his slow, sexy smile.
I realized that my breathing was shallow, and to my horror, that my nipples were hardened, and pointing skyward. Like an invitation…
Jake raised an eyebrow, and bit his lower lip, deepening his dimples, not doing a damn thing to help with my breathing issues.
“Although,” he said, suddenly looking serious, and devastating, “it looks like they may be worth a whole lot more.”
He kneeled beside me, and brought one hand slowly toward my hip. I found myself holding my breath as he gently slid one finger under my bikini-string, and then tugged it lower, just a fraction of an inch.
I sucked in my breath with a hiss, and he ran his thumb lightly against my pelvic bone, just barely grazing it. He looked up at me then, meeting my eyes without moving his hand.
“We should go inside.”
I couldn’t breathe….
“Unless you’d like some help applying sunscreen to your front as well?” Jake didn’t crack a smile, and his eyes darkened. I wondered if he still tasted the same…
“It’s no trouble,” he continued, jokingly, but neither of us was laughing. Not even smiling…
I clutched my towel between my fists, wanting to look away, unable to stop myself from staring back. His hand was still on my hip, just a finger, not even moving …just a thumb lightly stroking, so close to the opening of my bikini bottom…
“Anytime you’re willing to finish what we started, Mel—you just let me know.”

February 8
Carys Harlow

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