The Eye of Illumination

The Pearl & The Sword Book-One

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There was a time. A time long before the Troll-Wars and the days of Noah. A time long forgotten and lost to recorded history, where kings, men, Elves, Dwarves and El-dwars ruled in harmony in their separate nation-states.

And there were Wizards who used their mystical powers to serve the inhabitants of the realm, building the peace, projecting and overseeing all that was good within the lands of these allied nations.

It was a good time. Oh, that’s not to say there weren’t a few minor incidents amongst the usual unsavory types. But isn’t that always the case in any normal society? Or is it?

To the North lay the lands of Norsada where all was not good. Norsada was home to the Muzoule, despicable creatures who had a growing hatred for the inhabitants of the Realm. Their loathing for all that was good became a religion to them, and they rallied the defeated Trolls and Gnomes to war against the believers of the Lord of Creation.

Since their defeat and loss of territories at the end of the Troll-Wars, their evil was ever growing. It was a vile festering malevolent influence that slowly began sweeping its way South to the Realm, insidiously infecting the weak of mind, the faint of heart and those who lust for power.

The source of this evil emanated from the glowing Eye. The Eye of Illumination that sat in place of the capstone upon a pyramid in the midst of Northern most area of the Muzoule territories. The glowing eye was a source connection to a greater evil sealed within the portal of the Second Heaven. It was a dimensional prison reserved for the devil, the so called Shinning-One, along with his fallen angles. For them, there was no way out. No way to rule. No way to control and torture, until the Sword of Leahanna.

The Sword by itself was a killing machine, created by the Elfin Warrior Leahanna. The Sword as created was not controllable. However in the past, it was a most effective tool paramount to winning the Troll-Wars. But, it was indiscriminate of who it killed when held high as it took control of its wielder.

The Elfin Queen Leahanna employed the Sword in battle; and in doing so, it unintentionally and without discretion murdered her late husband Thilladorn. From that point on, Queen Leahanna could not bear to look upon the murderous weapon.

To bring the Sword under control, the Elfin Priestess Lynthena nurtured from a small speck a Pearl within the crystalline waters of Thilliander. When inserted within the pommel of the Sword, it brought this killing machine under usable control and was tested in battle by Commander Leander. It worked. Still, the Queen could not tolerate its presence within the Elfin forest of Thillianne. She ordered that both the Pearl and the Sword be separated and hidden in separate locations, never to be used again.

However, there was another unexpected component to the Pearl and Sword’s functionality.

When reunited, the Pearl with the Sword became a Key. As prophesied by the dying King Thilladorn, beware during the time of a full Blood-Moon. If the blade of this Sword, now the key were to be inserted into the slot of the fractured lock at the top of the Evil-One’s Ziggurat, hell would break loose. An open floodgate to evil would be unleashed. The porthole to another dimension, the second heaven reserved for the devil and his angles would be free to come crawling out to infect all living things. Evil would once again rein supreme over the land. Torture and agony would be the rule-of-day. The Illuminated One will have won.

This is the story of how good God fearing men, women and the inhabitants of their era prevailed and overcame corruption and wickedness. It is a story of impaling evil and keeping it from ever becoming the worst disaster in unrecorded history.

The Wizards of the High Tower would see to it!

About the Author

As Kalgarad is so fond of saying, “First things First”

On September 20, 1970, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. It is important to note that none of the following would have had any real consequence or meaning if that life changing event had not occurred.

My parents were immigrants to the United States. My father migrated from Tsarist Russia as a very young child with his parents during the Bolshevik revolution, and my mother from Ukraine to Canada; then to America. My father fought in World War II.

As an adolescent in high School, I played drums in a Michigan Rock Band called The JuJus, (follow the link for more info:, Note: also can be found on Wikipedia) and produced a record “You Treated Me Bad”, which made it to the top-ten (WLAV) for eleven weeks; reached the #2 position on the charts, surpassed only by the vaguely familiar song “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

I Graduated in the top 10% of my class at Muskegon Business College (now Baker College) with a 4.0 GPA, Graduating Summa-Cum-Laude, on the Dean’s List every quarter. Top 1/3 of Class at Aquinas College. Promoted to Interim Editor during my college Externship from Aquinas College to the Hackley Hospital Community Relations Department. Received the Army Commendation Medal during my service in Viet-Nam for Bravery and Outstanding Performance against a Hostile Force. Owned and operated MicroScribe, a Court Reporting agency. MicroScribe was considered by many to be the premier Court Reporting firm in Western Michigan.

My work brought me to Pittsburgh in 2005, where I became a rabid Steelers fan, and eventually transferred to operating my own office in Akron Ohio.

In addition, I have been a past member of the iiar, and have worked within the Industrial Refrigeration Industry for 47 years, starting as a Chief Operating Engineer and eventually drifting into Sales & Marketing. During that period I had written a version of an OSHA Mechanical Integrity Inspection and created an annual Operational Audit, both of which are still widely in use throughout the industry today. While in the business, I had written and published a myriad of refrigeration related articles, many of which have been downloaded from my Linked-In page by other engineers and used as supplemental material in company training manuals

I have done a quantity of traveling in Eastern Europe to Warsaw, Uman, Delgorod-Dnestrovski, Nikolayev and lived in Odessa, Ukraine near Shevchenko Park for a short period of time. During my travels overseas, I was able to visit places that the largest part of the population has only read about and have found that most people are generally friendly and seemed to be as curious about me as I was about them. I enjoy sailing and have been a former Junior Yachtsmen Board Member of the Muskegon Yacht Club and involved in many church activities as-well-as writing a book.

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