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The Miracle of Honey - Health Learning Series

Table of Contents
Knowing More about Honey
Benefits of Honey
Natural Composition of Honey
Honey for Stomach Ailments
Worms and Parasites in the stomach
Honey for Serious Conditions
Heart problems
Lung problems
Kidney stones
High/Low Blood Pressure
Honey for Your Throat
Honey for your Skin
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The moment you hear the word “honey”, you immediately visualize something tasty, sweet, and healthy. If you consider it being nature’s best and most excellent tonic, it is not going to be an exaggeration. That is the reason why newborn babies in the East are fed honey, the moment they enter the world and are bathed, before they are given to their proud moms for their first feed. That is because this is a predigested food, and it is easy to digest, is nutritious, and is health giving. And the best thing about Honey is that you may keep it for a long while, and it is not going to spoil.
In fact, archaeologists found vestiges of preserved honey in 2000 year old earthenware pots, from excavated sites. A major part of the honey may have been absorbed into the earthenware with the passage of time, but there was still some left over from those days millenniums ago, when people were preserving honey and putting them into usage.
As far as the natural and curative properties of honey goes, the fact is indisputable that this product has been used as a cure-all for diseases for centuries in Mesopotamian, Russian, Native American, Aztec, South American, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and other ancient medical sciences. In fact, ask any wise man or shaman or herbalist who is well versed in ancient herbal lore about the importance of honey in making up his medicines. And he is going to nod his head widely, and praise it and the person who discovered it, and its natural curative properties.
Did you know that during the American Civil War and during WW1, when doctors ran out of medicine, they asked people or the army suppliers to supply them with honey? This was then placed on the open wounds, so that the infection could be cured or prevented. It is strange to see that the West has forgotten the use of honey as a natural healer.
This book is going to tell you all about the use of honey and its benefits in curing various ailments. The author is going to try her best to use commonly obtained ingredients easily available in your nearby market, garden or kitchen itself. Remember that if any remedy calls for warming up the medicine before use, do not heat honey to boiling point. This destroys all its curative properties. Just warm it mildly, for a couple of seconds, and that is going to be enough for the honey’s power to incorporate it in the ingredients to make Powerful Heal All.
Also, you may find that some of the remedies and recipes ask you to take some precautions when you are eating a medicine made up of honey. This can be as simple as not eating spicy and fatty food. You may be also asked not to eat meat.
Honey is without a doubt the best guardian of your health naturally. Ask all those people who have been using honey as a part of their natural diet every day. So if you suffer from any sort of disease, and want to look at the best way in which you can cure it naturally, all you have to do is browse through this book and find how honey is going to protect your health right now.

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February 26
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