Trump Defeats the Psycho Bullies of the Media, Hillary Loses, Patriotism Wins

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Trump defeats the Psycho Bullies, Hillary Loses, Patriotism Wins is the story of the US 2016 Election told from the viewpoint of conservative voters who have not forgotten the uniqueness of the United States. The news media is described as 'psycho bullies' due to their unquestioned support of Hillary Clinton and extreme hostility for Donald Trump, the 'joke' candidate. The unexpected result of the 2016 presidential election sent the psycho bullies into fits of hysteria, that continue months after Trump took the Oath of Office.
All of Trump's verbal gaffs are analyzed and the reader can turn to the internet if she wants to see a video of Trump actually saying the words that the bullies repeatedly declared to be the 'Final Nail in Trump's Candidacy.' New insights into Hillary's loss are presented that have escaped the analysis of the TV bobbling heads.
Rather than a chronology, the book contains twenty chapters, each dealing with a major issue in the election, such as Trump's verbal miscues, Hillary's scandals, or 'Build a Wall.'
The book opens in 'thriller' style with the great excitement and anticipation of Hillary Clinton trouncing Donald Trump, the sleazy real estate manipulator. Hillary fans want to be part of history when the first woman becomes president of the US, smashing the final glass ceiling.
Hillary hopefuls become weeping snivelers as Trump passes the 270 Electoral Vote count. Violence erupts on city streets and bewildered commentators resort to vulgar language to explain the 'stupidity' of those who voted for Trump.
Trump, in spite of his gaffs, aroused the patriotism of Middle America and skillfully illuminated Hillary Clinton's weaknesses. Trump's 'zingers' were better than Hillary's and laughs get votes.
This 75,000 word volume (about half as long as supermarket thrillers) is a readable, popular analysis of the election in which Trump admirers can relive the astounding 2016 presidential election where an outsider defied the odds, and marched into town to 'Drain the Swamp.'
The text also covers many points that will be useful to those preparing for future elections, especially the 2020 US presidential election.

Politics & Current Affairs
22 May
Robert Livenmore

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