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Welcome to The Dark Side.
It's the start of a journey for Stella Marshall - a journey that will take her from an elite school for girls to the dark side of life in the heart of London.
In this first book in the series 'Tales from The Dark Side' the central character Stella Marshall is introduced, along with the man who will shape her future, the enigmatic Paddy McGuire.
Stella has come to the end of her schooling and an uncertain future awaits. With little prospects and no family wealth to help her, this charity case at the elite public school she attends is not looking forward to the summer. But having revealed a dark secret to her history teacher, this scheming rogue sets Stella up for an audition of sorts, involving a hidden camera, a firmly yielded cane, and shocking liberties that teachers really shouldn't take, even if the pupil happens to be eighteen!
But not to worry - it all turns out well and Stella lands a job... at The Dark Side no less.
The Dark Side is London's most exclusive and raunchy BDSM club, and having seen her in action via that hidden camera, the owner wants Stella to feature as his naughty public schoolgirl, who has to be punished by the members for her poor behaviour. She has experienced caning whilst at school, but the role will require her to accept other forms of punishment, so some training is required before she is introduced at the club.
Enter Paddy McGuire - a hunky big Irishman who is the club owner's unofficial second in command. Paddy is tasked with teaching Stella the ropes, which he does with a fair degree of style and flair. He also has to help her overcome a phobia and ensure Stella's performances go beyond the basics of accepting a punishment. She needs to do 'extras'... and not only that - do them with an audience watching on - something which she can't possibly imagine.
It’s a rollercoaster ride that Stella will take - her first steps towards the dark side and a world so fantastic it beggars belief. There is The Dark Side itself, the raunchiest club in London, with its exotic staff of beautiful workers. The shows the club puts on for the wealthy members with their entourage of dutiful slaves. The mysterious boss Angus MacLeod whose hand is never far from manipulative control. Angus's two slaves, Frida and Lucrezia who are destined to become Stella's friends. Then there is an estate in rural Kent where slaves are trained before being put up for auction at the club. Stella will experience so many highs and lows on her journey. And around every corner there is Paddy McGuire, Angus's bodyguard and unofficial second in command, whose loyalty to his boss could be Stella's undoing as she falls head over heels for the enigmatic Irishman.
All this and more awaits Stella on her journey. These are her first steps which hopefully you'll take with her... Welcome to The Dark Side

Please note: this work had been written in collaboration with Jack Brighton and may bear some resemblance to 'Welcome to The Wild Side' aka ‘The Spanking Room'.

Fiction & Literature
13 August
Firm Hand Books

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