About Ferdinand Ries

Ferdinand Ries studied piano and violin with his father, cello with Romberg, composition with Albrechtsberger upon Beethoven's advice and piano with Beethoven.
In collaboration with Wegeler, Ries helped to write one of the first significant biographies on the life of Beethoven. As a pianist Ries toured Scandinavia and northern Europe. Following his tour, which had included London, he chose to reside there for eleven years, 1813-1824. While he lived in London Ries' fame as a pianist not only spread but his talents were greatly appreciated. He taught, gave concerts and conducted some of his own works at the Philharmonic Society. Meeting Salomon, the teacher of his father, helped Ries to secure conducting priveleges at the Philharmonic Society. Returning home after his London stay, Ries conducted eight of the Lower Rhine Musical Festivals between 1825 and 1837. Musical productions by Ries were abundant. Compositions included three operas, two oratorios, eighteen symphonies, nine piano concertos, twenty six string quartets, one hundred and twenty eight violin sonatas, and fourteen piano sonatas. ~ Keith Johnson