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About Jan Jelinek

Under the name Farben, the prolific Jan Jelinek -- who also operates under his own name and as Gramm -- produces his most ornate, most dub-suffused, and most dancefloor-friendly material. More importantly, his knack for subtle intricacy is arguably at its best when crafted under this guise. Between July of 1998 and April of 2002, six Farben 12" releases for the German Klang Elektronik label hit the racks: Farben, Stuck, Featuring the Dramatics, Raw Macro, Silikon, and Farben Says: Don't Fight Phrases. April of 2002 also saw the release of two compilations. Starbox, a vinyl-only package, simply combined Featuring the Dramatics through Farben Says: Don't Fight Phrases. Textstar, a CD-only package, gleaned from those releases without being nearly as thorough. ~ Andy Kellman

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