Ancient Greece for Kids: A Captivating Guide to Greek History, from the Mycenean Civilization and the Trojan War through the Golden Age of Pericles to the Hellenistic Era and Roman Conquests (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • €5.99

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Come dive into the world of the ancient Greeks! From their myths and culture to their wars and ultimate defeat by the Romans, this audiobook covers it all! Both parents and children will enjoy learning what made ancient Greece such an amazing civilization and seeing why the modern world owes them so much.

The ancient Greeks gave us so much that we still use today; mythological stories we continue to study in schools and colleges and the Olympics are just a few. While Greece is just a small European country today, it covered parts of today’s North Africa and Iran - and had a society much like ours. Greeks enjoyed great food, music, and reading. Society was governed a lot like modern times, and its people were farmers, politicians, artists, and inventors!

Prepare to be amazed about how this ancient society looks so much like our own - and why. Just a taste of what’s ahead as you listen:

Greek cities rocked!
The face that launched 1,000 ships
Achilles - and his famous heel
The Olympic games - no prizes for second and third place!
From Dark Ages to the Golden Age - and back again
Draco’s severe punishment system
The original Spartans - their story
Only seven years old - and in military school?
BC versus BCE, AD versus CE - why, and what’s the difference?
Longbows and bronze shields - who won?
Pericles, Athena, and the Parthenon
The Pelopo-what Wars?
Revenge against Persia
The Hellenistic age
Here come the Romans
Famous Greek artists and scientists

You’ll learn some fun facts and interactive activities throughout the audiobook to help you better understand and remember high points in Greek history. Prepare to be amazed!

Grab your copy of this audiobook, and dive into the many astonishing elements of this ancient civilization!

Kids & Young Adults
Jay Herbert
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3 December
Captivating History