Anxiety for Fragile People: 9+1 Topics to Permanently Defeat Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Guided Meditations. Overcome Depression, Cure Overthinking Through Stress Control and Self-Discipline Hacking (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • €15.99

Publisher Description

Just imagine a life full of opportunities, growth, and productivity where you can achieve anything that your heart desires without ever getting anxious or fearful. Have you considered the potential that is hiding within you?

Have you ever envisioned yourself spending the rest of the days without ever getting anxious over trivial things? 

Yes! You can still achieve your dreams. You can still become the best version of yourself.

The secrets and formulas are hidden it this book. Don't waste time; get hold of this treasure, and you'll never regret it.

Hopefully, this book helps those people who struggle with anxiety in their everyday routines whether they are in their workplace or at home, meeting their friends or socializing with strangers at a party, getting ready for their big day, or showing up for an interview. This book has everything in it.

While you embark on the treasures of this book, you'll find: 

Ways to better understand the anxiety
How anxiety is linked with overall well-being
How anxiety messes with our everyday life
The common causes of anxiety
Antidepressants and their side effects
How diet can affect your anxiety 
Ways to cure anxiety
Guided hypnotic sessions
One hundred affirmations to overcome anxiety

There is much more that this book has to offer. Case studies and top researches from respected and credited health institutes make this book a listener's first choice. Don't just wait there thinking if the book is a waste of time because at the end of the day, who doesn't want to take care of their mental health, which compliments the overall well-being aiding you in your calm and peaceful sleep?

Peace, tranquility, and calmness is the message of this book. Get to know what is hindering your optimal performance and your state of mind. Be relaxed and take the challenge of completely changing your life for the better.

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