Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids: An Hypnosis Guide for Children and Toddlers Features Relaxation Journey. Kids Will Fall Asleep with Improved Memory, Self-Esteem, Feeling Calm and Composed (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Do you often tell your kids to count sheep to help them go to sleep? Is your bedtime routine not effective anymore?

Introduce them to meditation bedtime stories for kids. They sound too good to be true, but they really do work.

Scientifically proven data has suggested that meditation can help calm your child’s mind and help them sleep better and restfully.

This book has come up with some amazing and creative mediation bedtime stories for kids that are filled with amazing characters and lessons for kids with an underlying theme of calm and peacefulness to help them go to sleep. With this book you will never have to face the stressful, long and sometimes painful process of putting your kids to sleep.

The author has researched various sleep hypnosis and sleep meditation techniques to devise stories that will calm your child’s anxious nature and quite down their oversensitive mind.

Meditation stories will help your child find the inner peace that is naturally abundant in their trusting and innocent nature and can be extremely helpful for kids who are suffering from:

Bullying at school
Too much screen time before bed
Poor eating habits
Challenging environment at school

I used to sleep as soon as I got into bed when I was a kid. Why doesn’t it work for my child?

What worked for you might not work for your kids.

Today’s world is full of over stimulating variables that can occupy your child’s mid even when they are in bed. If the normal routine of brushing teeth, taking a warm bath, putting on PJs and reading bedtime stories is not working for your kids and they are still wide awake at the end of your carefully orchestrated nighttime routine, it is time to switch patterns and turn to meditation.

Will these meditation stories help calm my kid at night and to establish a sleeping routine?

Let’s face it. Kids don’t want to go to bed willingly.

They are always thirsty, want more screen time or want to spend more time with you.

They are unlikely to just waltz into their bed and fall right asleep. These stories will help your child achieve relaxation, and in time develop a better and more constant bedtime routine.

Will these stories help my child in their daily routine?

Children who meditate are more likely to develop a better sense of relationships, have superior emotional regulation, self-control, acute focus and coping strategies in everyday life that can prove to be beneficial when they are playing sports or are in their classroom.

Stop reading this and get the book now!

Betty Johnston
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28 May
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