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Color therapy or Chromotherapy has been used as part of medical practice for centuries and is of great significance in the holistic approach of complementary health practice. The Color Therapy Diploma Course gives students a thorough understanding of this practice, how to treat clients, and build a business.

Color therapists understand and use the energy contained in the vibrations of color rays to promote health and healing. Following an introduction to the course, students learn about the history of the practice and brings them up-to-date with recent developments in this constantly evolving field. Here you will also learn just how popular color therapy is, and explore how to use it to heal.

Students will learn of the seven colored cosmic rays, the nature and electromagnetic properties of light, and how we perceive colors. Here students will also learn about the seven color levels, the metaphysical ascension of the mind, other physical and etheric planes, and the subtle body.

The Color Therapy Diploma Course provides students with information on the effects of color on our health; physical, emotional, and mental, and how different colors can alter our wellbeing. We look at physical and emotional effects of colors by looking at how warm and cool colors affect us differently, as well as looking at the symbolism of colors within society. This module also looks at how color is used throughout our lives and how to discover your color season, to use when selecting clothing.

The seven chakras are discussed, teaching students about the structure, location and function of each. With this underlying knowledge in place, the course talks about their links with color therapy, as well as exploring the meridians of the body and their meanings.

The Color Therapy Diploma Course talks about the different ways that rays of light can affect our bodies and how this knowledge can be used in color therapy. This discusses how natural light affects us.

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