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Prepping for Pregnancy

Are you thinking about getting pregnant? Is your body habitable? Have you wondered how to make sure your body’s ready for your baby? Do you already suspect you’re not healthy enough or as healthy as you’d like to be? Do you want to know how to get there?

What about when you are all tuned up? How exactly do you get pregnant? I mean, we all know about the birds and the bees, right? I hope...Don’t worry, I’ll even cover that! But...do you know your body? Not the moles and pimples, but do you really know your body? When do you ovulate? When do you menstruate? When are you most fertile? When should you have sex to have the best chances at growing that “bun in the oven”?

What if you can’t get pregnant right away? What if you can’t get pregnant at all? What if you need outside help? What’s available? What’s best? What if that doesn’t work?

Sara Twogood, assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at the USC Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles and OB/GYN, said that women under the age of 35 only have a 25-35 percent chance of pregnancy every month. Many women take nine to twelve months to conceive. Others take several years. Why? Is there something you can do to up your fertility? YES! We give you these answers and more in First Time Moms: Prior to Pregnancy: Less Fear More Cheer.

Not only will I cover that, but together we’ll explore:

The importance of your supplements and which to take
The proper way to create a healthier you
All about pre-pregnancy screenings
Tips for newlyweds on that “first time”
Positions that may work best for you plus a few myths
How to chart and other ways to find your ovulation day
How to increase your fertility
How and when to test for pregnancy
And, when to see a specialist and the many different approaches to overcoming infertility

First-Time Mothers; Book One - Prior to Pregnancy: Less Fear More Cheer is a book you can’t afford to not have in your library. Do you have a friend who’s talking about wanting to get pregnant? Do you have a friend whose relationship is getting serious, or are you beginning to get that baby itch yourself? This audiobook would make the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend...perhaps someone who unexpectedly got blind-sided by life. Interlaced with humor, many great, and helpful facts, plus stories from my own life and those of my six pregnancies, you’ll find this audiobook a great listen! Enjoy!

Jena Osbourne
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May 6
Mario Robertson