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The significance of what occurred in Germany during our period of study needs no exaggeration. This GCSE series on Germany 1919-1945 really brings alive all the main themes that are required for your History GCSE course, giving you an in-depth knowledge of all the main points, including the establishment of the Weimar Republic, the problems faced by the Weimar Republic from 1919-1923, its recovery from those problems and, finally, the Third Reich.

The final eight chapters deal with how to answer exam questions across the different exam boards. Bringing together Dr Mark Hurst, an honorary research fellow at the University of Kent, and Mr George Harrison, a history teacher with over 10 years' experience who has previously taught at Manchester Grammar School but now teaches at Kings Canterbury, our series has been designed to provide insights which will be invaluable for those studying and teaching this fascinating period by people who really understand the subject and how it should be taught.

The key areas of study are as follows:

Germany in 1918, problems faced by the Weimar Republic in 1919
Revolutions and putsches (1919-1923)
Economic chaos, recovery and disaster (1922-1924)
Economic, political and international recovery (1924-1930)
The Nazi Party in the 1920s
The effect of the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression
How Hitler came to power in 1933
How the Nazis turned 'office' into 'power' (January to March 1933)
Creating a dictatorship (1933-1934)
Nazi economic policies
The Nazi totalitarian state
Women's experience of the Third Reich (1933-1945)
Young people's experience of the Third Reich (1933-1945)
Nazi treatment of minorities, including Jewish people (1933-1941)
Religion and the Third Reich (1933-1945)
The Holocaust (1939-1945)
The impact of the war on Germany
Opposition to Hitler
The end of the war

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14 September

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