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If you want to learn how to install and maintain hardwood floors, then get HowExpert Guide to Hardwood Flooring.

Here is what you will learn inside:

An instructional guide on how to install and maintain hardwood floors.
Includes instructions on how to remove an old floor as well as any existing baseboard.
Provides simple step-by-step instructions on how to check the quality of the subfloor the new flooring is going to be installed on.
Goes through descriptions as well as pros and cons of wood and wood-like products in order to help better determine which may be best for one’s situation.
Describes the process of getting a subfloor ready for installation of different products.
Tells you which tools and materials one will need to complete the installation process.
Goes through step-by-step process of installing different products from start to finish.
Goes through the process of sanding a raw wood floor in order to either put a natural coat on it or stain it another color.
Describes the differences as well as the different processes of oil-based and water-based finishes.
Goes through the different types of trim and transition needed to complete a floor.
Tells how to install different trim options and how to put on the finishing touches.
Describes how to maintain different products and whether said products will be able to be repaired if necessary.


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About the expert

Marc Hagan has been involved in the hardwood flooring industry in California for over 20 years. His father has been sanding, staining, and refinishing hardwood floors as well as installing new ones since Marc was six years old. Marc and his two older brothers would go with their father and observe the hardwood flooring process. One of his older brothers started his own hardwood flooring business after five years of working in the industry. Shortly after, Marc came along to help his brother with his business. Marc has been working with his older brother at his hardwood flooring business for over five years now.

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