I Will Teach You to Master Self-Discipline: Learn the 12 Rules to Take Back Control and Ownership of Your Life. Used by Navy SEALs, Champions, and Athletes. (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • €11.99

Publisher Description

Temptation surrounds you like the ocean surrounds fish, like space surrounds Earth.

It’s everywhere and in everything and to consciously resist it is a choice. The choice to better yourself and propel yourself forward and achieve your goals.

But resistance is hard. It’s much easier to go with the flow. To give in and give up and let temptation envelop you. The problem is temptation tends take you places you don’t want to go or leave you with regret. 

So, if you want to avoid these setbacks there are two essential tools you needed. They are self-discipline and willpower. They create the habit and mindset changes for long-term success. But self-discipline and willpower aren’t automatic. It’s not like how some people are naturally fast runners or gifted public speakers. To develop self-discipline and willpower you need a system that’s proven to help, a guide that prevents you from straying off the right path.

That’s why inside this book I’ll show you how to:

Understand the fundamentals of self-discipline and how to turn it on like a faucet
Discover self-discipline tactics used by millionaires to defeat temptation every day
Develop a fool proof system to achieve your goals automatically without giving in
Gain simple tricks to break bad habits and force yourself to be more productive
Unlock your hidden willpower and rise to meet any challenge of any size

Temptation surrounds you. It tries to lure you into its traps. But not anymore. Because today you stand up for yourself. The day you resist, fight back. You can overcome temptation and this book can show you how. But you must act. Only when you make the conscious choice to do something different can you get different and better results.

Think about that for a moment. To get the kind of results you want. To achieve your goals, you will have to do something different, and here I’ve laid out the steps to show you how.

Ryan Albert
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21 May
Edgar D. Moranis