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Have you been frustrated with your speech therapy experience?

Marci Melzer, M.Ed./SLP, is an intuitive speech-language pathologist with 30 years of experience helping people develop the ability to use spoken language functionally. 

As a speech therapist, Marci found the health care system to be increasingly disempowering for both her and her clients. She finally left after being required by contract to go against her ethics for financial gains. Marci is now helping families by training the parents to facilitate language themselves faster, easier, and with a lot more fun than speech therapy.

Marci learned, after decades of speech therapy, that parents are the best language facilitators. Parents already know their children better than any therapist can. They know what their children are thinking and feeling due to the natural, intuitive connection between parents and their kids. 

Marci’s language facilitation program equips and empowers parents to see the speech learning from the child’s perspective. She teaches parents to self-analyze their own teaching methods as well as their child’s school and therapies to discover the habits, patterns, and mind-set issues that are keeping their children stuck in nonverbal communication and resistant to learning to talk.

Parents whose late-talking children have received diagnoses such as autism,apraxia, global developmental delay, genetic disorders, brain malformation, and auditory processing disorder are now conversing. Parents are seeing almost immediate results in children from two-years-old to 13-years-old. Every child can benefit from parents using language facilitation.

Hundreds of parents watch Marci’s videos on Facebook and YouTube every day and comment on how the strategies are helping them overcome their child’s resistance to speech faster than speech therapy. Now, parents can have an audio version of Marci’s language facilitation program to use at their own pace.

Every family who eliminates communication blockages and facilitates language naturally has heard their limited-verbal and nonverbal children use spontaneous spoken developmental language within weeks. Many children begin talking within days. These strategies are that good.

Marci Melzer, M.Ed/SLP
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November 22
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