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Do you want to lose weight and live a healthy life without skipping your favorite foods?

Are you one of the many women struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts with multiple diets and exercise regimens?

Do you feel like each time you try something new, your body works just as hard to counter your efforts to lose weight?

After approaching a new diet with diligence and patience for a month or more, do you step on to your scale only to find the pointer at the same place (or greater) than it was before? You are ready to scream and pull your hair out in frustration, right?

Now is the time to make a change!

It is time to change our perspective and look back at how our ancestors managed to be fit and healthy despite the lack of fanciful gyms, diet fads, etc.

If you consider it, one aspect that stands out is that in the past people never ate as many meals as we do today. How many meals do you eat each day? Three? Four? Five? Have you heard the advice that you should eat every two hours?

So, is that the secret? Simply cut down on the number of meals? Well, that is the beginning of the secret.

There are many more layers that you will find in this book based on intermittent fasting for women:

This book is dedicated to women. So, you will know why and how things work differently for men and women.
Intermittent fasting is not a fad diet. It is a contemporary adaptation of what our ancestors did naturally.

Here are some of the questions this book will answer for you:

What is intermittent fasting, and how does it work (with a special focus on women)?
What is the science of weight and fat loss with intermittent fasting?
What are the types of intermittent fasting? How can you choose the best one for your needs?
What are the common intermittent fasting mistakes and how can you avoid them?
What are some of the myths about intermittent fasting and what is the truth?
What are the initial side effects, and how can you overcome them?

Sally Barron
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3 July
Henri Hartikka