iPhone SE 2020 User Guide: Complete Manual with Tips and Tricks to Master Your iPhone SE Second Generation with the iOS 14. For Beginners and New Users (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • €11.99

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The Perfect User Guide for the Second Generation iPhone SE 2020 to Maximize the Latest iOS 14 Software.

iOS 14 is one of Apple’s most significant iOS update to date, introducing Siri improvements, Picture in Picture video playback, Home screen design changes, App Library, and several other powerful tweaks.

This user manual will show you all the features and settings of the iOS 14 to help you master how to use the iOS 14 on your iPhone SE 2020 with all its newly introduced features. This guide will walk you through all the fantastic features of the new software and expose all the hidden settings. 

In this guide, you will learn:

All the Amazing Features of the iOS 14 You Should Know About
How to Set Up Your iPhone
How to Set Up and Manage Family Sharing
Send and Receive Money on iMessage
Download iMessage Apps
Updating Your iPhone Device to the Latest iOS 14
Applying iOS 14 Updates to Your iPhone Device
Using Siri
Using Find My
How to Add and Manage Widgets to Your iPhone
Exploring the App Library on iOS 14
How to Use App Clips on iPhone
Using the Translate App on Your iPhone
Multitasking with the Picture in Picture Feature on Your iPhone
How to use the New Message features on Your iPhone
Speech and Language Translation
Creating Your Memoji in iOS 14
Using Memoji as a Profile Picture
Camera Feature on iOS 14
Sorting Albums
FaceTime Feature on iOS 14
Headphone and Environmental Sound Control.
How to Set up Sleep Schedules in the Health App on iPhone
How to set Up and Use Face Recognition on Your iPhone
Organizing Apps with the App Library
Scanning QR Codes
And a lot more!

Are you ready to get started with the new iOS 14 on your iPhone SE? Then grab a copy of this manual now!

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