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Publisher Description

"Khanara's Werewolves Clan": "My name is Nalani. I am a seventeen-year-old werewolf girl. I was betrayed by my lifepartner to-be and my best friend. I never thought I was going to trust a male of any species again - until I met Logan an attractive young Australian vampire under a witch binding spell. Our clan has Russians, British, Swedish, Dutch, French, and Native American werewolves. Sergei, the 'Zelix' vampire coven's leader, wants our forest to use as a hide out. A brutal battle is coming; Gray Owl, Black Raven, Sun Bear, and I are ready to fight them once and for all."

"Werewolves Lair": Eighteen-year-old Lexie Woods was sent on a cruise to Bahamas to celebrate her brother's 25th birthday. The cruise ship wrecked and went under water fast; separating Lexie and her brother Billy forever. Lexie found herself inside one of the three life boats that were tied together. The 24 survivors were taken to the shores of a beautiful island, and they all felt lucky to have found such paradise. To their horror they soon learned it was a 'Werewolf Lair' and the fight for survival began! Will Lexie fall in love with the dazzling and intelligent archaeology student, Walter? Or will she fall in love with Kassius, the good looking alpha male werewolf?

"Aztec Vampire: Bloodthirsty Gods": "In twenty minutes, my 18-year-old twin sister Quetzali is going to be sacrificed to our bloodthirsty Gods that need to be pleased. Quetzali and I are Aztec slaves that were chosen by a group of 'brujos' (male witches) from 'Tenochtitlan'. One of the reasons why we were chosen was because we were born with green eyes and because Aztecs have dark eyes it was interpreted as a bad omen. There is a secret surrounding my birth. I will be torn between revenge and my attraction for two handsome vampires; Luca the Italian who turned me into a vampire and Enrique the charming Spaniard. With the help of Maxtla the Tepaneca werewolf leader we are going to try to stop a more dangerous kin...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Debbie Andreen
hr min
June 21
Domus Supernaturalis