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What if all the Traffic Lights you encounter for the rest of your life would always turn to Green as you approached the intersection? First of all - you would think it was your lucky day. Next, you'd wonder how they did that. Next you'd wonder why the government couldn't do more things right like this.

This book is not really about how to get all your traffic lights to go Green as you approach, but is a road map to how to make all the government rules and regulations work for us at all times, not only in the way that our Traffic Lights work. In the age of small and cheap computer chips, it's actually quite easy to make all the traffic lights to accommodate a more efficient flow of traffic thus saving America millions of barrels of oil per day and saving you the driver hundreds of dollars a year and with far less frustration as you maneuver through the traffic.

The author explains that the only reason our traffic system is so broken is because decisions about what to do for the average citizen and how to do them is left in the hands of the few and the bribed. Could there be a better way so that all of our traffic lights turn green as we approached the intersections, but more importantly every aspect of our lives might be improved by using a new approach to democracy, putting the technology of the Internet to work for us and VOTING ONLINE in what would be the world's first Direct Democracy.

This book also details the one major overarching solution to all the world's problems - putting all or most of our decision-making on the Internet where the majority of us can vote directly on simple solutions like this one, making traffic lights stay green longer. That's just the beginning of what we can do - if we want to. This book has many more examples of how and why we can and must use our technical know-how to save lives, save money, save time, save our country, and then later the world.

Michael Mathiesen
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December 8
Michael Mathiesen