Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety: Beginners Guide to Finding Peace in Personality Disorder. Cure Panic Attacks, Depression in Relationship Anxiety Relief for Mind. (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you ever been so filled up with thoughts that you cannot really concentrate on anything? 

We have all been there, and when you think of the number of thoughts a human being has a day that are skewed toward negativity, there's a little wonder. The Buddhists allow for mindfulness in their lives because they follow a code, which means they must behave in certain ways that include things such as concentration and doing things the right way. The right way to them is to be in the moment, and although that doesn't mean much to Westerners, it will by the time you have finished exploring this audiobook.

During the course of learning mindfulness, you may be asked to try different things. For example, you may be asked to concentrate on your breathing. A lot of people don't realize the significance of this task. The fact is that most of us don't use the lung capacity that we have because we don't need to in order to stay alive. However, when you breathe correctly, as you are taught later in the audiobook, you actually improve what's going on in your body, and systems such as the sympathetic nervous system are able to do their work more efficiently. This system sends blood to muscles and allows you to be active. It's the same system that regulates heat and cold and the human perception of it. There are so many different jobs done by the body that can't be done properly while breathing is shallow. Thus, the first thing you are taught is to be in the breath - or to concentrate on breathing. When you do things like yoga, breathing comes into it as well because it helps you maximize flexibility for the moves that you are encouraged to do during a yoga session.

You may be able to hear the birds singing outside, or taste that last sip of coffee that you had, or touch the leaf of a plant, or even see cobwebs forming on the bushes in the morning dew. You are conscious of the moment that you are in, and when you are mindful, you notice everything happening around you and are able to stay in that moment without ruining it with unnecessary thought.

In this audiobook, you will learn more about:

How anxiety and negativity can overtake your life
Meditation on thoughts
How to calm emotions
Taking control of your thoughts
Different methods of breathing
Meditation techniques to fight rumination
Clear thinking
Affirmations for overcoming anxiety
And more!

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Frank DiPiazza
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7 April
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