Motivational Quotes: More than 1000 Daily Inspirational Affirmations that will change your Life forever – Live with Happiness by Thinking Positive and discover the Psychology of Wisdom

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If you want to unlock the Power of Motivation, then keep reading!

Motivation plays a fundamental role in getting things done, as nothing good has ever been achieved without feeling that adrenaline rush in your body. However, it is not a secret that most people struggle with motivation on a daily basis, especially those that live in the richest and wealthiest countries of the world (= US and Europe).

Why? Because having all the basic needs satisfied is enough for our brain to feel comfortable and at ease, which leads to a static condition where personal growth is stopped for good.

However, there is a way to rewire your brain, change your mindset and unlock the power of motivation once again. What is this big secret? Motivational quotes!

There is one big problem with all quotes collection though: they are simply pseudo motivational sentences put one after the other without a reasoning behind it. When we decided to create this book, we wanted to do something different, combining the best quotes with our knowledge in neuroscience and mind hacking.

Here is why this quote collection is different and why you are going to love it:

- The entire book has a powerful binaural beat soundtrack in the background, to allow your mind to produce theta waves

- All the quotes are put in specific order to reprogram your mind in the most effective way

- This book contains only quotes from the greatest mind that have ever lived, which will make your brain reach a deep state

much more...

But do I have to spend hours and hours actively listening to this book? We bet this is the question that is going through your mind at this moment. Do not worry, this book was created in a specific way that allows you to rip its benefits even while listening to it passively. Just put your headphones on and let the magic happen!

Are you ready to unlock the secret power of your mind?

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Eric LaCorde
hr min
7 April
Author's Republic