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It is crucial in today’s day and age for women and men to sniff out a narcissist who is lurking around the corner. Within the blink of an eye, a malignant narcissist can steal your partner, rob you blind, take your job, or murder you without getting caught. People who have not had the pleasure of being exposed to a narcissist will be shocked to find out just how far a narcissist will go to hurt another human being. He is the ultimate punisher. He learned what harsh punishment was at an early age.

If you think that you can look up a narcissist’s criminal record on public websites, think again. It is extremely difficult to protect yourself from a criminal narcissist. Most of them do not have criminal records at all. Their criminal records are deceivingly "clean". This is only because the narcissist is a master at hiding his true nature. He will go to great lengths to cover up his mistakes.

The narcissist often comes from a narcissistic family, who is also very skilled at lies and deceit. All of the family secrets are kept in the family. The narcissist respects the secrets, and he works with the rest of the family in order to cover up the family secrets. Narcissists aren’t just men. Narcissists are men, women, and children. Narcissists are mothers, fathers, friends, cousins, siblings, partners, spouses, lovers, and more. They can hold any type of job. You probably know a few who are hiding undercover.

Narcissists have money, resources, and connections. Narcissists often inherit money from other family members who have robbed, stole, and tricked others to gain a financial advantage over the rest of the population. The narcissist also has friends and family members who’ve "got his back" when push comes to shove. He has done dirty work for them, and he is owed a lot of favors.

Science & Nature
Micah M. Howery
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May 7
JB Snow Publishing