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Regardless of company size or industry, leaders are always on the lookout for innovative ways to get work done quickly and efficiently. They need employees on whom they can rely and trust to protect the interests of the company—employees, like you, who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

To achieve success in the competitive corporate world, you must be willing to embrace these challenges and effectively navigate any organization. You need to know what you’re working toward, expect the unexpected, and maintain a proactive mindset. Today, it’s not enough to simply execute against your job description—you must develop a “sixth sense” for business and actively contribute where needed.

Best-selling author Steven Haines returns with this step-by-step practitioner’s guide to help you do just that, while adapting and thriving in any business landscape or setting. The New Manager’s Survival Guide equips you with the knowledge and wherewithal to:

• Create great working relationships and earn trust and credibility
• Understand essential team structures and operating paradigms
• Establish a game plan for financial planning
• Leverage processes to improve efficiency
• Analyze and utilize data to solve problems and make better decisions
• Be cognizant of changing market demands
• Strategize and plan for a company’s future success
• Assess data-driven measurements and overall business performance
• Manage your business career

With The New Manager’s Survival Guide, you’ll hone your business acumen, expand your knowledge, and improve your effectiveness. Your ability to solidify relationships, influence others, and solve problems at lightening speed will not only contribute to the success of the company, but will also prove to be invaluable throughout your career.

Steven Haines is an internationally recognized public speaker, business thought leader, and best-selling author. Before founding Sequent Learning Networks and The Product Management Executive Board, Steven spent more than two decades in corporate leadership roles in industries as diverse as industrial products, intimate apparel, medical products, communications, and software and technology.

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