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The thrilling story of one of the largest digital heists in history, set in the world of cryptocurrencies In 2016, $55 million was stolen as computer programmers all around the world sat at their screens watching helplessly. It was one of the largest digital heists in history. This daring theft played out in the world of blockchain, the technological breakthrough that enabled Bitcoin to go from an idea in 2008 to a $130 billion digital currency today. Out of the Ether takes an in-depth look at the most prominent successor to Bitcoin, a radically improved type of computer software invented by 19-year-old genius Vitalik Buterin. Known as Ethereum, its shaky beginnings allowed for the incredible hack that led to the $55 million heist. Its a real-life cryptocurrency thriller thats sure to capture your imagination, whether youre an investor, investment professional, or simply interested in learning more about blockchain innovation and cryptocurrencies. The story of Ethereum begins with Buterin, from his earliest days in Russia to Canadian émigré to wunderkind writer and coder. After pulling off one of the largest crowd sales in history at the time, Buterin and his cohorts built the Ethereum blockchain to become a world computer. But early on things went horribly astray. A futuristic automated investment fund created using Ethereum received an astounding $250 million in investment cash, yet a bug was mistakenly inserted in the code on line 666, allowing a hacker to steal a fifth of that money. Since there's no federal deposit insurance for digital currency, the theft created a crisis that only a group of good-guy hackers who had helped build Ethereum could combat. Think of ninjas battling on the blockchain and youve only scratched the surface of this fascinating real life adventure. In the end, Buterin advocated for an extremely controversial fix: reversing time to a point before the theft happened to erase it and reinstate the stolen money. This controversial move sent a concerning message: cyber transactions could be wiped out after the fact. In light of the Ethereum crisis and its founders actions, stakeholders in the multibillion-dollar virtual economy were forced to re-examine digital currencys future. This book goes behind the scenes of the Ethereum theft, making it a true page-turner. Youll also discover the never-before told history of the Ethereum developers and the struggles and triumphs they endured. Understand the background behind a historic theft of ether. Dive into the Ethereum blockchain that hosts smart contracts. Learn more about the team that established Ethereum and kept it alive. Keep pace with whats happening in blockchain and what the financial future may hold. The potential of blockchain to transform industries, from finance to healthcare, has garnered the attention of corporations and individuals all over the world. A heist of millions demands evaluation, whether youre a blockchain investor or financial professional weighing the potential risks and opportunities waiting in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Chris Henry Coffey
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October 27
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