Perfectly Suited: The Armor of God for the Anxious Mind Perfectly Suited: The Armor of God for the Anxious Mind

Perfectly Suited: The Armor of God for the Anxious Mind

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    • €16.99

Publisher Description

Use the practical and biblical tools of the armor of God to free yourself from the shackles of anxiety and fear.

What do you do when your own mind turns on you? Fear, anxiety, and the critical voices in your head can be overwhelming―even if you believe Christ died to free you from those things. Perfectly Suited explores the armor of God through the lens of personal struggle, showing how the ancient metaphor for God’s care is powerful for his embattled children in every generation.

When J. D. Peabody found himself in a mental and emotional breakdown, he reached for the armor of God. In the process, he discovered God’s protection and grace were far greater than he had previously imagined. This book will help you:Explore scriptures to yield practical promises and helps that will help you return to God's peace and joyReflect on your perspectives, viewpoints, and faith to unearth God's grace in your lifeRelease the burdens thrown on by anxiety--the armor of God is not another "Christian duty" to perform, but a truth to help uplift and unload.And more!4 Key Features of Perfectly Suited by J.D. PeabodyBible-Based - Be comforted by a solid, biblical look at the armor of God from a compassionate and seasoned pastor and writer.Highly Visual - Quickly reference key points with charts, diagrams, illustrations, and more!Easy-to-Understand - Absorb key principles and practical takeaways easily through clear ideas and explanations.Practical - Enjoy reflection questions at the end of each section to start applying these biblical principles to your life immediately.

Religion & Spirituality
J. D. Peabody
hr min
9 August
Tyndale House Publishers